Monday, 4 November 2013

A Guide to Recovery Vehicles

Just prior to the last AGM, the BVSF were represented at VOSA in regard to the definition of Recovery Vehicles. A subject that has been a cause for concern to a number of members for a long while.

A number of valid points were made and discussed and the outcome of the meeting was, considered very favourable and certainly far better than if the BVSF (the only NON recovery based delegates in attendance) had not been there. The details of the subsequent document with which the BVSF are still in discussion with VOSA is available at…/guide-for-recovery-operations”…/guide-for-recovery-operations.

The full document in its current format also appears on the BVSF web site and as it is an electronic based version it remains fully updateable, should a BVSF member feel that there should be an addition or indeed removal or clarification of a section then please contact the BVSF offices in the usual way.

Yet another first for the BVSF and perhaps further reason to be a member.