Monday, 4 November 2013

Monte Carlo and not Bust

Over the summer my youngest son, Daniel and I embarked on a Charity “Banger event” whereby we had to drive from our home in Kent to Monte Carlo via the Alps in a 25 year old Fiesta, the rules being that the car must cost no more than £250, which ours didn’t.

Well, the good news is that we made it and then promptly drove the car back again !!

In total 1800 miles in 5 days and we had to complete “tasks” en route which included a photograph of us shaking hands with a man with a black beard, obtaining 1 piece of lego, obtaining a Renault Clio brochure, taking a picture of one of our team with a St Bernard dog and many many more. Fun but tiring but for some good causes, a total of £ 600 was raised for the charities chosen and my grateful thanks go to those members that sponsored us.

In fact we enjoyed ourselves so much that we are planning to do it again, in the same car believe it or not,…… this space.

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