Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Focus on a Member No.1 - Jon Daunter Ltd.

Jon Daunter Ltd

Jon Daunter began trading in motor vehicles 30 years ago, recognising there was a demand growing in 4x4s vehicles, initially the company  began buying new damaged vehicles and repairing them for resale. These generally came via a salvage company owned by a very close friend who was able to purchase suitable vehicles via his contract with an insurer.
Jon Daunter specialised in rebuilding vehicles from the Land Rover range due to their popularity and discovered that there was a very limited availability of specialist dismantlers capable of supplying the relevant green parts needed for repair.
Having made the “discovery” (no pun intended) that there was a rather large gap in the market for the supply of re-useable quality tested parts for Land-Rovers and having sought advice from various quarters, Jon decided to open his own Dismantling Yard. Suitable premises were found in a unit to rent on a farm in Chepstow and he took on two full time employees. The business, with hard work grew from strength to strength, subsequently becoming a Limited Company in 2007.

A year later business was so good that Jon Daunter had effectively outgrown the existing rented premises and being financially secure Jon was able to purchase  an ex Remploy building in Lydney with a 12500 square foot warehouse and an acre of external storage space. By now the business had grown in staffing levels to 14.

Jon applied for and was accepted for membership during the Summer of 2013.

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