Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The Red Tape Challenge was introduced in April 2011 to give business and the general public the opportunity to challenge the Government to get rid of burdensome regulations.

In an announcement made on 10 September 2012, the Government committed to identify, by the end of 2013, at least 3,000 regulations to scrap or improve through the Red Tape Challenge.

This week, the Government announced that it has achieved this milestone: The list of the 3,000 reforms to be implemented is available at: and visual illustrations of how the reforms will help businesses are at:

The reforms will abolish or improve outdated, burdensome or overly-complicated regulations. More than 800 regulations have already been abolished or improved, saving business some £300 million per year.

The Red Tape Challenge has been applied to all areas of transport with the aim of reducing unnecessary bureaucracy for users of road transport and the rail, maritime and aviation services. It has:
Ø   Identified over 350 road transport, rail, maritime and aviation regulations that can be scrapped or improved;
Ø   Already removed or reformed nearly 100 of them;
Ø   Already saved businesses an estimated £74 million each year; and
Ø   Already saved private motorists an estimated £109 million each year

For more information about DfT’s work under the Red Tape Challenge, you can find our press release and highlights from the DfT themes at:

A visual illustration of how the Red Tape Challenge reforms will help drivers is at

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