Thursday, 2 October 2014

Focus on a Member No. 3: Babington Car Spares

Babington Car Spares was started in 1977 by  Leon Parish and partner Peter Babington. Leon bought Peter out in 1980 but retained the company name. Then the usual hard work and long hours battling very low scrap metal prices.

Babingtons then designed and manufactured their own car flattener to enable them to store shells, space wise, more economically. Sadly an accident caused Leon the partial loss of a finger, despite this Leon’s 2 sons were not put off and grew up working at the yard on Saturdays . Leon openly admits that his sons Quinn and Marcus now run the Company and have introduced their own ideas, some of which Leon struggled with initially, for example closing on a Sunday, however, this has proven to be a good decision, customers have stayed with them and now the growing families have there own time at least one day a week.

Babingtons new baler

Leon is and rightfully has every reason to be very proud of his sons. Babingtons readily accepted all new legislation over the years, not perhaps agreeing with it all but accepted all the same   Babington's went ahead this year and bought a new bailer which of course gives the best option of scrap prices going forward and are awaiting the delivery of a new forklift and two new recovery vehicles. Grandson Macauley has now joined the company so Leon can now relax (a little) and enjoy the fruits of his labours in the full knowledge that his company is in the very capable hands of two further generations of his family.

The BVSF would like to take this opportunity of wishing Babington Car Spares good fortune in the future.

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